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About Wild Trax Exotics

Wild Trax Exotics is a TICA registered cattery and we are located in Central Arkansas. We specialize in high quality Egyptian Maus and SBT Bengals. All with excellent bloodlines, wild looks, and gentle loving temperaments, raised in a small in-home cattery with lots of socialization with people and other animals.

Most of our kittens are show quality that we offer as high quality pets, Bengals with very large rosettes and vivid coloring, Silver Maus with jet black spots and no taint, and all with super sweet temperaments. We screen our breeding cats for genetic diseases and offer a health guarantee on the kittens. Our adoption contract is posted on the website on the adoption info page if you would like to look it over. Our breeding cats have been carefully selected to pass on Gentle Loving Temperaments, High Contrast Markings, Excellent Breed Type, Wild Faces, and above all, Good Health. All kittens are hand raised indoors to ensure they are well adjusted and socialized to provide you with the ultimate pet! Because we are a small cattery, we do not have kittens available at all times, please inquire about availability and expected litters. We typcially keep a waiting list year round, so you may have a short wait before kittens are available to choose from.

Meet the Owner, Operator, and Chief Pooper-Scooper of Wild Trax Exotics

My name is Tracy Wilson, and I have been surrounded by all kinds of animals all my life. I am one of those folks that had a natural affinity with animals from the day I was born. I have always been involved with animals in one way or another as a major part of my life. I have been a state licensed wildlife rehabilitator for years and also ran a federal and state licensed wildlife sanctuary for many years that specialized in the small wild feline species such as servals, ocelots, caracals, bobcat, lynx, and more. I have over 20 years experience with all types of big and wild cats from tigers all the way down to the tiny South American Geoffrey's Cat. I am also the project director for a nonprofit rainforest wildlife and habitat conservation project called Touch The Jungle, located in Ecuador, South America. We have a wildlife rescue facility there, with an emphasis on the endangered wild cats species native to the area, such as margays and ocelots, and we have added an organic farming/agriculture project and high school/trade school to our project work in the Intag area of Northern Ecuador.

I became a Bengal pet owner somewhere in all my animal rescue work, and fell in love with the breed. Not only are Bengals stunningly beautiful, but they have many similar personality qualities as the wild felines, such as playing in water, playing fetch, their inquisitiveness and their acrobatics; without the danger of causing you bodily injury, being much gentler than a true wild feline, and not requiring any specialized care or housing. Because I do work with wild felines, I often get requests from folks wanting to own a wild feline who can not provide a proper home to a wild feline for whatever reason and they need an alternative to fill this desire for a wild feline or exotic looking pet. When I combined my love of the Bengal with my wild feline rescue work, I realized that breeding Bengals and providing them as pets was a great alternative for a lot of people. There are a lot of people who would like to own a wild feline but can not legally do so, simply do not want the responsibility, or cannot provide the extra work required to care and house for a wild feline. It was the perfect answer. Bengals are a great alternative to having a little taste and look of the wild without all the trouble and responsibility of a true pure wild cat!

I started breeding bengals in 2003, being mentored under a friend who had been breeding bengals for many years. It is important for new breeders to be mentored by an experienced breeder. This helped me understand how the breed genetics work, how to select which cats to breed for the best traits and improve the breed, meet other breeders, and learn how to screen potential buyers for proper homes. Once I had a become knowledgeable about the breed, I carefully began selecting high quality bengals from exceptional bloodlines for breeding in order to provide amazing kittens for you with great personalities and beautiful wild looks.

Egyptian Maus

I have always admired this breed for as long as I can remember. But pure high quality Maus are pretty rare and it is hard to come across available kittens. Most Mau breeders have very long waiting lists. I had been on one of those lists waiting for over year and still had no kitten! By chance, a friend of mine, a fellow breeder, happened to have one little male become available in 2005, and she offered him to me. I jumped at the opportunity because I had wanted to work with them for so long. I absolutely fell in love with my first Mau, and it wasn't long before I was searching for a compatible mate for him. I found him a couple of nice girls and they have all turned out to be very loving and affectionate cats. Maus are the sweetest cats you will ever meet and a joy to raise. Maus also have the high intelligence of the wild cats and high energy to match, while being super affectionate as well.

Other Animal Related Projects I Am Involved In...

Wild Trax SupplyI also run a website that sells specialized products for wild felines. Check it out, I have a great feline vitamin for raw meat diets, that is really good for Bengals and other hybrids, wild cat sepcies, as well as any breed of domestic cat: Wild Trax Supply. I use the Wild Trax Feline Supplement on all my wild felines and the Bengals & Maus, and have seen great results from using it.

Rescued & Rehabbed OcelotAnother important project that I am involved in....I travel to Ecuador, South America, several times a year to work at a rainforest reserve. The name of the nonprofit project is Touch The Jungle and the reserve is Playa de Oro Reserva de Tigrillos. I have been volunteering at this reserve since 2002, and in 2006 I became the reserve's International Project Director. The main purpose of the reserve is habitat preservation and to protect the native wildcat species of the area which are ocelot, margay, oncilla, tigrina, jaguarundi, jaguar, and puma.We also have a wildlife rescue center located in the nearby Intag Cloud Forest. I oversee the wildlife rehabilitation program here, and it is very rewarding work because in most cases the animals we help here are endangered species. We also built a high school/trade school in 2014 for the locals of teh Intag Valley who are dedicated to projecting the forest and wildlife but need education to help them do so. w ehave expanded into organic farming/agriculture project here as well. If you would like to help out, please visit the Touch The Jungle's website for info on how you can donate. You can even travel to the project yourself to help support our efforts!

Thank you for getting to know me and my animals, and I hope I can provide you with a beautiful kitten to become your newest (and most spoiled) family member!

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